A wrist throw (Kote gaeshi) used in Jujutsu.

A throw is a grappling technique, used to lift an opponent then drop them to the ground. If performed correctly, throws take very little strength. Since throws typically involve being slammed on the ground, when practicing it is necessary for the person being thrown to know how to breakfall. Many martial arts use throwing techniques, most notably Judo.

Types of throwEdit

  • Shoulder throw (Seoi-Nage in Judo) The opponent is thrown over the shoulder.
  • Hip throw (Koshi-Waza) The opponent is thrown over the hip.
  • Leg reap (Ashi-Waza) The leg(s) are swept, or reaped, out from under the opponent.
  • Sacrifice throw (Sutemi-Waza) The throw is performed from a potentially disadvantageous position, such as on the back.

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