Canne de Combat
A Canne de Combat bout
Also called Canne, La Canne, Canne d'Arme
Country of origin France
Parent arts Fencing and Quarterstaff
Focus Weaponry

Canne de Combat is a French martial art. It uses a canne, a type of light stick, made of chestnut wood, designed for fighting. It is used for sport in the present, but was invented in the early 19th Century and used mainly by upper class gentlemen for self defense in big, unsafe cities. Users of the art generally wear fencing masks, gloves, and jumpsuits similar to the outfits worn in fencing, but can come in many different colors. 

The bottom of the canne has a metal hilt called a pommel. Pommels show the user's rank; the lowest being blue, then green, red, white, and yellow. Like Fencing, Canne de Combat uses parries and lunges. In bouts, one can either one or two cannes, as well as with a baton, a longer canne.